Pedal Power Delivery is a new Eco friendly Courier/Delivery service set up in Drogheda in 2018. 
We can beat the traffic and get to you quickly. Unlike most traditional couriers, everything we do is Same Day service. No such thing as a van picking your parcel up and bringing it to a hub miles away only to bring it back to the same town the next day. 

If you need your products delivered locally, we are the Courier for you. With a team of cargo bikes, we can get to you and deliver your products faster than you would think.

There are Three services on offer,

1, An On-Demand service, where your order is completed ASAP, but always within the hour,

2, 4Hour Service, Items are booked for delivery before 1pm, to Guarantee delivery before end of day, 
3, Same day service, where item is collected by 11am and delivered by end of day.

 With a bit of effort , I hope to build the business up to a point where I require additional riders. While we are restricted to the Drogheda area (Pop:41000 Census 2016), with careful planning, I aim to serve you all.

Cycling has been part of my life as long as I can remember. Even when I went to Australia for a year, (long time ago now), I bought a bike to get me around and to work. It was quicker than the public transport and the weather wasn't too bad either. So for me, cycling is not really a job. I love cycling in any weather, even the Irish weather. Skin is waterproof.